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Getting ready for Placment

Hello everyone, I am sahil Mahajan. I have done B.Tech(Computer Science and Engineering) from Gobal Institutes, Amritsar(Punjab). I completed my graduation with, if i am not wrong i think 85% aggregates. Though i was not among the toppers, not even near them. We just hoped of being at the top someday. 

In my previous Blog, I wrote about Placement inGlobal Institutes. I was a bit lucky in this case, was not placed in the college camous, but in Off Campus Placement.  Our 6 months Industrial Training was in 7th Semester in the period of July to December,2011. I was placed in Stellar Edge for Stipend based 6 Months Industrial Training. Though i preferred to stay in hometown and prepare for my Aptitude and Skill Enhancements.

We were notified that TCS would be organising a Joint Placement Fest after a month. So i started preparing for Aptitude.

Preparations for Aptitude Test

In between, i got news that TCS had a pre planned set of questions. There were about 100 or some slightly more categories of questions, out of which the paper was to be formatted. I downloaded the questions papers from Fresher World and some other sites and started preparations for the test.

First Round: Aptitude test

The day comes 19th October, when we visited RIMT College(I dont exactly remember date and college name) for first Round Aptitude Test.
The Test was Online. There were 35 questions. The screen was splitted into 2 frames. One frame displays the questions and the other frame displays the list of questions. You can edit any of your answer at any time and even you can skip the question and add answer to it later.

The test seems quite easy as i was familiar with all the questions and i solved 33 questions quite easily. The only new thing that i found was, some question's answer was to be converted to binary number. This was the only new trick, i found in the pattern, else all was well known and you could easily find the questions from the net or you could ask me at . 
We got results of the test, the immediate next day. I was among the 6 students of our stream who cleared the first round. I was the only guy, who made it, other 5 were all girls. It was one of the Happiest moments of my life (Not the most happiest moment, that moment would be 'When i will get a package of 2 lakh per month). 

Second Round: Technical Interview

The Next round was the Technical Interview. We were quite assured that, if a person clears the Aptitude test of TCS, he/she has 80% of their chances to get placed or to clear the next 2 rounds. So, with little more than enough of excitement, we rushed to Fatehgarh Sahib for the Technical Interview Round, the next day. We leaved our city at 2 in the morning. Our interview was scheduled at 9 AM.
I got my turn at about 10 AM.
There were 16 panels conducting interviews simultaneously. I was made to stand outside the room with one of our toppers along side me.
At time, i entered the room, the first impression was "Seems to be a nice guy" and yes he really was a nice guy.
I would like to share the discussion with the interviewer.

He was busy ordering the papers and marking feedback for the last girl before me.
So i asked- May i come in Sir.
He- Ya, sure
He- Have a seat.
There is no need to mention that i said thank you each time i made a request to him.
He- So from where you are.
I- Amritsar
He- How far its from here.
I- Maybe about 250 or 300 kilometers.
and he asked lot, a lot about our journey, breakfast and some other stuff. This was to make me feel comfortable.
Then the questioning round started.
It was the most amazing interview i had. though i hadn't apperead in much of interviews.
He- Do you know how much sorting techniques are there.
I Nodded and replied- Yes sir, Merge sort, quick sort, bubble sort..
He- Whats this Bubble sort.
I tried to shuffle my mind to remember what was bubble sort.
Damn.! I couldnt even remember a single thing about that. At that moment, i was like firing Machine Guns in my mind with a hope of might remembering gold dust.
After a moment, i gather up lots of guts, widened my chest and with a broad smile on my face..
I- Sorry sir, and nodded my head for a NO.
He- You dont know bubble sort.
I- Its not that, i dont know, i just didnt remember that.
He- Okay.
He just gave me clue
and before he could finsh, i got my memory back and interpreted the whole thing.
Now the question.
He- Best Sorting technique.
I- Quick Sort.
He- What's it.
Damn.! again, it was out of my mind.
Again i did the same shit.
This time he bursted up smiling.
He- You dont know quick sort.
I- Sir, same case here also. I didnt remember that.
Again, he gave me an idea and i interpreted everything.

This was the time, i though that "I lost my chance"
Then he asked me- What have you done in 2 months training. tell me everything.
I started interpreting about training and asked for a paper to describe it.
Then i elaborated each and every module, their functioning, their relativity, database and almost every thing about the project.

It took about 25 minutes to explain the project and this was time, when i got the Bird In my Hand.
He was extremely amazed with the way i described my project.
He- Very good.
This was the time i started packing for clothes in my mind.
Then we had some informal chat about family and college environment.

Results were declared, good news was there.
Then comes the HR Round, which is not meant to be an elimination round. Not exactly, but the probability of getting eliminated in HR round in TCS is quite low.

 Third Round:  HR Round

I entered the room and i found a really really cool person with a broad smile and extremely pleasing personality.
He asked me about the last interview and some normal questions about family and college.
The last thing that he asked, that made the interview most special was.
So are you ready to shift to Chennai
This moment was really a precious one.
I- (with a mouth breaking smile) Yes sir, of course.
He- So, wait for the results.

After an hour, results were declared in front of a large audience and our University VC was on Video conferencing.
We Nailed it, I was like jumping and touching the roof of the room.
Sadly 2 of our bachmates couldnt made that.
The stats were like that:
Total Students: 4700
Cleared Test: 260
Total Selected: 206

The only thing i learned in this inteview is the Key to success is Confidence. if i wouldnt had shown such confidence after those two answeres, i shouldnt had cleared the interview. Be confident and speak with bravity. and for aptitude in TCS, just collect the previous papers and work on it for atleast one month.
Good Luck for that.
Sahil Mahajan Mj


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